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For those who want a lasting Edge Control that will help you to lay and slay your edges, Villous has got you covered! Villous offers extreme 24-hour hold for all hair types, including 3C and 4C hair. This Edge Control is resistant to high humidity and will hold your edges without leaving residue or flaking.


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  • What every woman needs to achieve an extreme hold for all hair types, including 3C and 4C hair. 
  • The Real Secret for how to lay and slay your hair with this amazing 24-hour hold Edge Control.
  • See how you can easily enjoy 24-hour superior hold (so you can make worrying that your Edge Control will give up half way through the day a thing of the past).
  • ​How every woman can quickly tame your 3C or 4C hair, even in high humidity environments, so you never again have to fight with your hair all day long just to keep it under control.
  • ​Effortlessly avoid any residue build-up or white flakes (so you can breeze right by worrying if you have those nasty white flakes in your hair).
  • ​Get started with your first order today for FREE… so you don’t have to deal with remembering to pick up Edge Control at the store all the time.
  • ​Saves you from remembering to pick up Edge Control at the store so you can avoid getting stuck with out of control hair and no Edge Control (which means you don’t have to waste your time and gas money just to keep your hair in style).
  • ​And, as a special bonus, you’ll also discover how easy it is to have the perfect Edge Control for your hair type shipped directly to your door each month!

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    i love it

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